Vicon Cara - Facial motion capture
Vicon are the world leaders in motion capture equipment for film, television and the gaming industries. Utilising  markers positioned about the face, their equipment can track natural movement in real-time and translate that directly into the movement of cgi characters.
How it works
Facial markers are placed on the face, calibrated by markers on the peak, and then their movement is tracked with 4 high resolution high speed cameras capturing every nuance. Vicon’s Cara facial motion capture system will ensure you don’t miss a thing.
Vicon credits include:
Films: Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the rings & the Iron Man franchises, Christmas Carol, Tron Legacy, Tintin, Gravity, Hulk, World war Z. 
Games: Call of duty, Fifa 2014, Beyond - 2 souls.
As revealed in the June issue of Vanity Fair, Lupita Nyong’o will play a motion-capture character named Maz Kanata in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
The technical stuff
A complete Cara system ships with four 720p HD cameras with up to 60 fps and a 3mm F2.0 IR filtered Lens. At 31g, they are light enough to sit on the Cara HeadRig and be worn comfortably by the actor.
Bringing it all together
Vicon Cara is part of an integrated system. Watch how it all comes together with early prototypes in the making of Tron Legacy, and particularly how Jeff Bridges is digitally de-aged from 60 back to his 20's.
Performance engineered
The custom designed HeadRig weighs 1.2kg with the four Cara cameras and BOB attached. The HeadRig is one of the biggest innovations of the Cara system, designed for actor comfort and a one-size-fits-all approach.
The Cara system has been engineered to ensure on-set reliability and actor comfort. Openness of design allows the performer and director to concentrate on the performance and not the technology.
Cara logger
The Cara logger is worn on the actors back and has a recording capacity of 64GB with two hours battery. It is a very powerful micro pc, and at 430g and 140x90x40mm, it is light and comfortable enough for the actor to wear for the entire shoot, with no discomfort. We paid particular attention to heat dissipation and cooling with an internal aluminium heat sink structure and fan combination with a strong structural outer casing.
Early concept
early concept sketches

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