Guinness Glass
We developed the Guinness glass to build upon the heritage of the iconic harp, and bring it into the 21st century with a unique form factor that becomes uniquely Guinness. The glass is the main consumer  touchpoint and the form factor instantly surprises and delights making an intangible connection to the user.
Why Curventa ?
We have worked with Diageo on several projects from Blossom Hill bar fonts to Smirnoff Ice bar coasters. Our expertise in glass manufacture was required to design and develop the glass through to a volumetrically accurate manufacturable design that encompassed all the brand values of Guinness.
Designing an icon
We developed the form through sketch work and foam modelling to test ergonomics and truly understand the 3D form. Once this was settled we 3D laser scanned the foams into our CAD systems and reverse engineered it into a volumetrically accurate vessel that was sent straight to the manufacturers.
The new glass design is pivotal to the advertising and marketing campaigns, and reinforces the importance of the final delivery of Guinness to the consumer.
How to pour the perfect pint of Guinness
The science of pouring the perfect Guinness shouldn't be taken lightly, and this video demonstrates the care and attention that you should expect from every bar tender.
One happy customer
Visiting his ancestral home in Moneygall, Ireland, in May 2011, Barack Obama announced that the Guinness tastes better in Ireland than anywhere else in the world.
"The first time I had Guinness," Obama said, "is when I came to the Shannon airport. We were flying into Afghanistan and so stopped in Shannon. It was the middle of the night. And I tried one of these and I realised it tastes so much better here than it does in the States ... You're keeping all the best stuff here!"

Ruroc snowboard helmet
Engineering, Fashion Styling, Product Design
Pulse Adult Toy
Introducing Pulse, the world's first 'guybrator' with patented PulsePlate technology. Pulse is a revolutionary male stimulator coupled with a female vibration area specifically for her. Launched in Las Vegas after 3 years of extensive research and development, Pulse is the 1st product from Hot Octopuss and has become the biggest innovation in the adult toy market for 20 years.
Branding, Industrial Design, Product Design
TV - Gadget Show
Curventa on the Gadget Show
Game Design, Industrial Design, Product Design
Motocaddy M1 Pro
Motocaddy M1 Pro folding electric golf trolley
Engineering, Industrial Design, Product Design
Vicon Cara - Facial capture for the gaming and motion picture industries.
Engineering, Film, Industrial Design
Barcelona Telephone
Barcelona Dect Telephone. Most technology we own has little empathy for the environment that it lives in. This is very true for home telephones, and so Curventa started an internal work program to see what would happen if we took an existing Dect handset and created a product inspired by fashion, architecture and furniture. Barcelona is the result !
Engineering, Industrial Design, Product Design
Bloodhound SSC
1000mph land speed record car
Automotive Design, Industrial Design, Visual Effects
Zeal Garlic Press
Zeal Easy Clean Garlic Press
Branding, Engineering, Industrial Design
Wattbike Atom
Wattbike Atom - Indoor cycling trainer
Product Design, Industrial Design
Motorola - IT.6
Motorola IT 6 - the World's thinnest home phone at 6mm thick.
Engineering, Interaction Design, Product Design
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